Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Party Dog

Lavi was a true party animal this weekend. The festivities started off with a party across the street at Doug and Susan's house. After drooling over the smoked chickens, Lavi "got it on" with one of her boyfriends, Gomez. By "got it on" I am not referring to humping...but pouncing and chasing...that is her version of gettin' it on. Here she is with Gomez and his folks, Laura and Marvin.

The party was a get to together for Beth and Tessa, the two ladies that own the house Matt and I are renting. They were visiting from Boston.

After recovering from the BBQ, Lavi was invited to another party at the Lucky Lab Brewpub. This was a party for Gareth, a welsh terrier, celebrating his 2nd birthday. Unfortunately we did not realize it was a costume party. Here are some of the best ones. Notice Gareth in the top of the picture...you can't see but he had on a bow tie.

Brian and Eric, Gareth's daddys, did a great job with the party. The festivities included a costume contest, talent show and Gareth's choice. The costume winner was "Maximus Blu-imus" the gladiator. For the talent contest, Lavi went second and performed her weave and bang bang flawlessly. Unfortunately she lost to a Westie who danced around on its back feet. Several people came over to us and said we were robbed. It was ok because Lavi was the winner of Gareth's choice. They had all of the dogs line up in a circle and they put Gareth in the middle. Whoever he walked over to first was the winner. At first he walked in a circle and then he came over to give Lavi a kiss. It was very cute!!! Jen took a bunch of photos. Once I get them I will post them. Here is another party guest, Charlie.

There was even a doggie cake made of yogurt and carob. Lavi nibbled on it a little bit and licked the carob icing but left the rest of it. She is quite picky. Now if the cake was made out of ham, that would have been a different story.

She had two great weekends in a row!! Now she wants to know what's next on the agenda?

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