Sunday, September 27, 2009

6 days and counting...

Here's a sneak peek....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Petey book

Here is my latest minibook. I made this for Grandma Robyn and Grandpa Paul. They mentioned that he was growing so fast and now looks totally different. This is for them to remember how little he was that first weekend.

He was just so darn cute :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beach retreat and Pig'n'Fords

Things have been kind of hectic around here. You know looking for a job and all but also with a husband home sick from work for over a week now. Poor guy.

Here is a very delayed post of a weekend we spent at the coast and the Pig'n'Fords races at the Tillamook County Fair.

Of course Lavi's favorite things to do are run around like a nut and then dig a hole and sit in it.

Here is Matt and Lavi in front of the arches.

Lavi also had a great time playing with her buddy Roxie. It is still necessary for Roxie to be on leash at the beach (this is after a mile-long chase she led Doug and Susan on several months ago).

This is payback time. At home Roxie likes to play around and jump on Lavi and she jumps in our laps or the bench to get away. But at the beach Lavi knows her speed and that Roxie is still on leash so she can taunt her (much to Susan's shoulder's dismay).

Here are the two girls in front of the arches.

Another great thing about going to the coast is hanging out watching the sun go down. Lavi holding court with her buddy Doug.

And the two girls just chilling' after a long day at the beach.

We were lucky enough to coincide this trip with the Tillamook County Fair and the "World Championship" Pig'n'Fords races. Here's the rundown... The fords are old Model T's that were used on the farms. Many years ago they thought it would be a good idea to race the cars around the track while holding greased up piglets. Now a days the pigs are not as greased up as they use to be (darn Humane Society). The drivers must pick up a pig, crank start their car and drive around the track. Then they shut off the car, replace the pig with another one and start their car again. They do this three times. It was very entertaining but once you've seen it once, that is probably enough.

Here is one of the drivers coming around the track with a pig in his arms.

Me and Susan soaking in the culture.

While we were at the fair, I was looking for possible career change options. Here is one :)