Thursday, July 3, 2008

Berry Pickin' - again

FINALLY - the blueberries are ripe and ready for pickin'. Matt and I drove out to Sauvie Island to go pick some of these blue Oregon gems. Not only did they have blueberrie, there were also some cherries and raspberries to be had as well.
Here I am basking in this berry heaven amongst the raspberry bushes. (Yes heaven - where else do you pay $1.50 a pound for fresh berries!) And these babies were big. I had never seen such large raspberries before, they looked more like red blackberries but tons sweeter!

Here is Matt picking some blue gold. He may be home for a week to relax but I am still putting him to work.

And of course our BOOTY! All of this (almost 7 lbs) for only $10.42.

So now what? My fridge and freezer are stuffed to the gills with berries. I decided to make little gifts for my neighbors to celebrate the beginning of this red, white and BLUE season.

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