Monday, June 13, 2011

Chicken hearts - Lil' nuggets of love

Well, I thought I was buying chicken livers at the farmers' market but when I got home I realized they were chicken hearts! What is a girl to do??? Cook them of course. I found a James Beard's 1956 recipe for grilled chicken hearts Instead of sherry wine, I used rice cooking wine.

Here are the hearts as I am prepping them. I took off the filmy skin that surrounds them.

After 24 hours of marinating, I sauteed them in a fry pan rather than on the grill because it was easy.

DELICIOUS!!! Lavi and I ate them all. If you find yourself with a container of chicken hearts - don't fret, MARINATE!

Cherry Hand Pies

I wanted to post some pics from my latest empanada creation - cherry hand pies. They came out great. I used fresh cherries and the empanada disks. Yummm.

I love my cherry pitter (also used for olives)

Just off the stove, picture is blurry from the steam


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Agility Fun Match

Lavi and I had a great time at the JAG Agility Fun Match on Saturday. We were lucky that the weather cooperated and everything went off without a hitch.

After her initial zoomies, Lavi really settled in and had 4 really good runs. I entered her in the beginner and novice runs and that really let us build up some confidence.

Here are some action shots that Natalia got.

At the end of the dog walk expecting a treat :)

Doing some easy weaves...she loves the weaves!

More jumping...

Running out of the tunnel...

To see more pictures of all the dogs, visit the JAG website.