Friday, November 16, 2007

Namir getting comfy

Namir has been looking for some comfy spots to chill (by chill I mean sleep, since that is what he does 80% of the time). First, he loves to sit on a box on the kitchen table. We have tried to keep him off the table but it just doesn't work. SO we gave in. But we do keep a box up there for him to sit in. He has also decided to hang out on Lavi's bed. He doesn't do it very often, probably because Lavi will jump on him. This picture is from this morning. He was quite content to sit there until Lavi dragged herself out of our bed and then laid the boom on him.

First gift box

Here is the first gift box I made. It was super easy. I used Crate Paper's Samantha collection. I will post the link to the template once I can find it again...argh. I am working on that organization stuff. This is a gift for one of my friends from Argentina. I will be giving it to another Argentinian friend who is in town to take back with him.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Doggies at play

As the holidays are coming fast upon us, I am itching to start my Hanukkah cards and Lavi's Hannukah gift she plan to give her doggie friends. Although that has been my intention, the reality is that dog sitting our friends' French bulldog, Zoe, is more time consuming than you would think. Mostly because Lavi and Zoe love to play with one another - nonstop. Yes, there is some naptime in there but it does not last very long. The other problem is that without a designated craft area, I must bring out the folding table and set up in the living room (not very conducive to nonstop chasing, chewing, tugging, etc.....

Here are a few pictures of these two little girls going at it.

Here the girls are pooped after going at it....

Lavi wondering when Zoe is going home....

Zoe wondering where the cat is.....

Zoe has now returned to her parents and the house is quiet again. Literally, that dog make more noise than a mac truck. Also, Lavi started her beginner agility class last night. It looks like she is going to have a lot of fun!!!

Hopefully now I can get some crafting and baking time in...keep you posted.

Side note: Tonight is a big night for the Devils...Marty can get 500 win, Langen"boner" may return, Gomez's first game against the Devils at the new arena... as long as they win, I don't care how they do it. Beating the crap out of Avery would be nice to.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Devil's Fan

Here is Namir's latest dress up. Originally this was Lavi's jersey but she outgrew it and it seems to fit Namir quite well. Hopefully this will bring some luck to our struggling New Jersey Devils.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

First post

I have been reading many blogs lately and truly am inspired by the many scrapbookers and stampers out there. I am pretty much a newbie to scrapbooking (started in 2005) and stamping (started this summer) but I am beginning to feel like I have something to say and share with my creativity. I am excited to share my creations, thoughts and just silly pictures (usually of the cat and dog dressed up since they are my muse).

I will start with CAT-ain Jack Sparrow. Amazingly, Namir was very tolerant of his costume (especially after I gave him some treats). He is an incredible boy who lets you do whatever you want to him.