Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ice cream creations

With so many wonderful berries available right now, I knew it was time to dust off my ice cream maker. I first tried a strawberry sorbet, which was very sweet and refreshing but it left me yearning for the cold creamy stuff. So last week Matt and I were at the farmers market and saw some blackberries calling our name. (It was still too early for blueberries and I am a little over strawberries at this point). I then began the search for a blackberry ice cream and came across this blackberry-lemon curd swirl ice cream recipe. I accidentally used too much sugar in the blackberry sauce but it still came out great. I used some of the sauce to make fresh blackberry lemonade :)

Now with my first ice cream creation out of the way, I knew it was time to try my favorite - CHERRY. I had some dark plump cherries in the fridge and bought a pitter (highly recommended for any cherry lover). I found this vanilla-cherry recipe and off I went. I made a few changes from the recipe because I still had some ingredients left over from the first concoction. I used whole milk with a little heavy cream instead of half and half. I did not make the cherry sauce but instead put the cherries in a little sugar with a drop of lemon juice just to get a little syrup. And because I never know when to stop, I added dark chocolate pieces just before it went into the machine. WOW- this was awesome. I am sure the sauce would be great but it did not need it. I let Matt taste it before I put it in the freezer and he was in heaven, saying he liked it better soft. Little did I know how much he liked it because later I came back to take a picture and this was all that was left :( And no, that is not a really big cherry.

Keep in mind I cut the recipe in half - I do need to get into a bathing suit this summer!!

I may have found my calling :)

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