Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gandalf loves Lavi

If Little G could, he would proclaim his love for his sister, Lavi. He chooses to sit with her just as much as he sits with us. It is very cute. Lavi would never go and sit with him but she is tolerant of him being with her.

Namir's legacy lives on

Namir's Catain Jack Sparrow photo was picked as the winner of the Moxie Fab World Fashion Show for Fido!! It was fitting since he was very much like a dog!

Still pondering what Gandalf is going to wear (or if he will have the patience to wear a costume) this year. Lavi's costume is coming together....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gandalf latest and greatest

He is still so small.

He loves chasing his tail and Lavi's.

He's a fan of Family Guy...but then who isn't?

Lavi has become a very good babysitter, except when she tries to flatten him like a pancake.

And what a personality...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This is is favorite spot...right next to daddy!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Making friends.

Comfy in daddy's hood.

Fast as lightening!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gandalf day 3

Closeup of the G-man.

Here's a picture of Lavi and Gandalf when they first met. He is so tiny.

And after only a little more than a day, the two actually sat between my legs . That was until Gandalf started purring and Lavi freaked out and jumped down.

Kitty update

Will post some new pics later...

We had an eventful evening with our little toilet diver. Yes, the little guy decided to jump into the toilet while Matt was going - midstream. It was hilarious. Not even 2 hours later, he managed to jump back into the toilet just as I was about to sit down! This little sucker is fast!! We think he loves water but we know he is not scared of anything!!

More later....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

G-man working on his core muscles


After a week of waiting (I can't imagine 9 months), Gandalf finally came home.

He is a pistol, just ask Lavi. The original plan was to introduce them slowly, but after a few hours of switching them out of their rooms for playtime (Lavi-bedroom, Gandalf-bathroom), Matt was over it and decided to let them figure it out.
The little guy is very interested in Lavi and looks all over for her. When he finds her (usually behind one of us), he poofs up and jumps at her sideways. He growls a little and has hissed once or twice. Lavi just runs the other way. We are hoping that over time, the novelty will wear off. We'll let you know.

So far, our most commonly phrases are - "Is it nap time yet" and "He just farted again".

He really is an active boy that has already tried to climb every possible thing in this house. He really is not scared of anything.

But when he does sleep, he's out. Ahhh- we love nap time :)

I'll post some videos later.