Sunday, July 13, 2008

Netarts, OR

Lavi and I were invited to spend the night in Netarts at Susan and Doug's beach house. This was the perfect escape from the hot summer weekend here in Portland. To get to the coast, we drove through the beautiful Tillamook State Forest and within an hour and half we were at the coast.
Here is Lavi soaking in the cool beach air as we drive along Netarts Bay.

We spent some time at a beach called Happy Camp. From here (and all down the coast) you can see the Three Arch Rocks wildlife refuge off in the distance.

Susan and Doug in front of "Susan's Rocks"

Susan and Lavi blowing in the wind.

It has been a long time since Lavi was at the beach. She had a blast chasing seaweed as it was blown down the beach. Here is a video of Lavi in her full glory:)

After the beach the tide was low enough for us to go clamming! We entered the bay from Doug's sister's house, which is located right on the bay (300 feet from Doug and Susan's house). Here is Dave (Doug's cousin), me and Doug.

Doug and I came back with a little more than our allotted clams (20 each), while Dave "mistakenly" brought back some oyster contraband. Here is Lavi "helping" Doug shuck the oysters...waiting paitently for her share. Unfortunately she did not get to enjoy them since these were some of the best, freshest oysters I have ever eaten.

Here is Lavi and her new best friend during the sunset.

Today, Doug took me and Lavi on a beautiful scenic drive and hikes of Lookout Cape State Park. Here is a picture of me and Doug above Netarts and the spit that seperates the bay from the ocean.

We also stopped at the Whiskey Creek Fish hatchery. Here's Doug in front of the salmon hatchery.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors!!!

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