Monday, May 3, 2010

JAG Agility Fun Match

Our agility club, JAG Agility, held its first fun match yesterday. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. We got very lucky with the weather partly sunny and best of all - no rain! I was focused on so many other things and forgot to put on sunscreen and my face got fried.

Lavi did as I expected - zoomies, but she did settle down and finally do what I asked. I believe the zoomies and the sniffing are stress-related. I am doing my best to be patient because in the end it is fun. I still think she is happy when she is zooming and also when she is performing.

Here is a movie of her first 2 runs and her last run. Unfortunately, I did not video the 4th run, which was her best. After watching the other clips, you probably won't believe me but she did the whole course at a moderate speed - even the weave poles. The last run in the video is a typical run when she is tired at the end of the class. She is more focused on the treat and stops at a lot of the jumps looking at me like she has no idea what I am asking her to do.

I also ran Boomerang a few times. He is my instructor Jim's dog. It is like driving a Ferrari. I will have someone video that next time so you can see what a driven dog is like on the agility course.

Here is a picture of Hillary (Jim's daughter) running Boomerang.

This is Jim, our faithful leader.

Jewel, one of the Corgis.

And Lavi chilling in her crate...

The morning after...conked out on the bed with her buddy who missed her terribly yesterday.

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