Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting Piggy With It

Cochon 555 is an event to raise awareness of heritage is also an opportunity to stuff yourself silly with all things pork. This purpose of this event is to hold a competition for 5 chefs tasked with creating 5 or so items each from their own heritage pigs. The winner was picked by attendees and a panel of judges. They have helpd this event in several cities around the country already. Along with the amazing bites created by the chefs, there was also a butcher demonstration and another whole roasted pig. If that is not enough, the event was topped off with pig-related dessert. There were also 5 wineries doing tasting to pair with the pig creations.

As much as I would have loved to just attend the event, the $125 ticket was a bit much for us. So, I found a way to volunteer and helped with registration. I did get a chance to enjoy some of the VIP reception prior to the main event. I stuffed myself with incredible cheese and also tried a salt sampling.

Here are some pictures of the butchering demo.

After the demo, they held a raffle to give out all of the pork that was just cut up.

Jen and Michelle both won! Unfortunately, I was not so lucky.

By this point I was stuffed from all of the food. Some of my favs included, the pork rillettes ravioli, pork liver mousse, blood sausage, roast pork loin, pork'n'beans with pork cheek slaw (yes, the crunchy bits in the slaw were pork cheek) and so much more I have no idea what it was. But this was not the end. All of a sudden, they rolled out another whole roasted pig!!

You would think it was over now...but no...dessert was next. I was not about to pass up candied bacon and ice cream sandwiches. I know there was some type of "bacon fat" involved in the ice cream sandwiches but it I was in such a haze at this point.

In the end, the chef from Olympic Provisions was the winner. He will participate in the national competition in Aspen, CO next month.

But I did not go home empty handed. I was able to score the pig snout for my pooch. Many people were envious but truthfully it was so hard it would not have been easy to eat. But Lavi was in pig heaven!

Til next year and boy do I hope there is a next year.

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