Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Agility demo

Lavi and I had a great time with our agility club on Saturday. It was a magnificent day. We held an agility demo at a dog event called March 4 Mutts, a fundraiser for Meals on Wheels. Afterwards, we built a confidence course for new dogs to play in the equipment, including Lavi's buddy, Roxie, from next door.

Here's Lavi waiting for me to set up her spot.

Here she is during our first run.

Suprisingly, she loves the teeter.

Susan, Doug and Roxie waiting for their turn.

Roxie going through the tunnel the first time.

A few other members of our club.

Natalia and her Corgi.

And of course Vegas, one of the few Danes that does agility in the area. She is actually quite good.

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Kennedy said...

Aw, a Vegas cameo! :)