Saturday, January 8, 2011

Belated Cookie Exchange Party Post

I know it is a month late but I did not want to totally forget the awesome cookie exchange party I hosted for my friends and neighbors. Not only did everyone bring some amazing cookies, we also created scrapbooks with all of the recipes.

Here are Robin, Sabina and Connie working on their books. Lara, baby Evelyn, Jen and Suzanne are in the back.

Susan and Hilary taking in the Table of Yum!

One of my favorites was Sabina's Rum Balls. I am not usually big fan but these were killer.

I made my Persimmon Spice Cookies.

Our recipe books!

We all had a great time. I could not have done this without Susan's help. Thanks again Susan!!

It's gonna be hard to top this next year.

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