Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 - HARE WE COME!

Enter the Year of the Rabbit, well almost. Although 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit it offically does not start until Feb 3. Given that I was born under the Rabbit and Matt and I met under the Rabbit, this should be an interesting year.

Some of the characteristics of the Chinese Rabbit are sensitivity, creativity and compassion. Preferring the company of others. Rabbits are friendly and outgoing.They also try to avoid confrontational situations but if they cannot then Rabbits will take a calm approach, always with consideration for the other party. Rabbits believe strongly in friends and family and their calm nature stops them from becoming visibly upset. However Rabbits can be taken advantage of and can be a push over for sales people.

Here are some of my 2011 resolutions:

1. To continue updating this blog - a lot more than I did the last few months. I will try to include some more of my culinary creations, the pets (of course) and whatever else comes up...

2. To continue eating healthy and to try new vegetables regularly.

3. To start going back to my water aerobics and water yoga class.

4. To utilize my new chest freezer and save some $$ on groceries.

5. Learn to SEW! (also knit if I have the time)

I hope all of my readers (all 3 of you) have a great Year of the Rabbit too!!! I would love to hear your resolutions.

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