Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We had a JAG Agility demo at the Oaks Park Octoberfest. It was great fun during and after the rain. Our course was set up next to one of the fest tents...easy access to beer and brats. I ran Lavi and Boomerang. Lavi had her share of zoomies but I did get her to do some of the obstacles. When Matt and Susan arrived, she was more interested in them than running the course. At least it was cute....

Here I am running Boomerang (he's heading up the A-frame).

We also had fun watching the dogs jumping off the docks in the Northwest Challenge. The winner jumped almost 26 feet! Once Lavi knew we were not going to make her do it, she settled down.

Lavi watching the action.

Lavi and Susan.

Alexander gang (minus cat, bird, fish, fish, fish, fish).

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