Wednesday, September 8, 2010

End of Summer 2010 Photos

Summer 2010 went by really fast. I played a lot of Bocce with the Burlingame Bocce team. We made it to the finals on Thursday night but lost to last year's grand champions. We also played in the tournament of champions but ended up losing in the quarterfinals to the Tuesday night champs.

The Burlingame Bocce team (named after our neighborhood). (L-R Dario, Stephanie, Robin-captain, Clint, Roberta, Kim, Leigh and Laura)

Robin watching the finals from our front row seats. The Thursday night champs ended up winning the whole thing again.

Here I am watching the finals. Nice view of the fancy scoreboard, which was brought out for the final game.

Also made some time this summer to visit the dahlia fields with Doug and Susan.

They are absolutely amazing. Here is a photo of the bunch I brought home.

The animals had an eventful end of summer. Gandalf enjoys watching Tiamet - our new resident Betta.

Lavi got her haircut and they took a lot of her ears. She seems to like and it and it doesn't get matted - for now.

And Gandalf hogging Lavi's bed. She is so good and doesn't kick him off though she could if she wanted.

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