Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick layout and craft update

I have been reorganizing my craft area so I can get busy for the New Year. I know there are some outstanding thank yous to be sent...there on the way. I recently purchased a new scrapbooking tool - the Making Memories Slice. It is a very neat die cutting machine. I am anxious to get busy using it but I am still waiting on a design card I ordered.

Here is a quick layout I did this past weekend. I printed this photo as an 8x10 a while ago when costco was having a printing sale. I am glad I finished it and it is now in the album. I watched a silly movie while making it, Beverly Hills Chihuahua...let's just say it passed the time.

It might seem weird to some that I am still working on pictures of Namir but it helps me feel close to him. I can focus on all the good memories and the times we shared. He was a very special boy.

I am also very lucky that Gandalf is also a love bug and enjoys spending time with both Matt and I. He has his very own personality...not as laid back as Namir...but still terribly endearing. I think Lavi is truly happy to have him around.

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