Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When our babies aren't perfect...

It is unfortunate but Lavi did not pass her pre-evaluation for dog therapy. As many of you know or have seen, she is more of a "You work for me, Bitches" kind of dog. Although her regal demeanor is one of the things we love about her, it is probably not the best trait to have when you visit sick old people and kids. She tends to grace you with a second of two of general interest but after that you are on your own...not really what they look for when trying to comfort strangers. She is also not a fan of things that make strange noises...thank you Grandpa Rod and your remote controlled duck driving jeep :)...which could be a problem in a hospital room.

Guess she will have to stick to what she does best.....sleeping and looking so darn cute.

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