Friday, June 12, 2009

Mom's Bat Mitzvah weekend

Mazel Tov to the Bat Mitzvah girl...she is now a woman!

After "many" years, mom decided it was time to officially have a Bat Mitzvah and to read from the torah. Technically, she was already Bat Mitzvah when she turned 13, but it was not custom for the girls to read from the Torah back in those days. For all you not in the know (I just learned this myself), once you turn 13 you are considered a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and now an adult in the community and allowed to read from the Torah, which is considered a mitzvah (in short - a worthy deed). Therefore, most kids take the opportunity as soon as they can...others wait 40+ years.

Mom, along with 10 other adults, studied for many months leading up to this day. It was wonderful to see everyone's families in the synagogue to support them on this momentus occasion.

Here's mom with her most avid study partner, Suri.

We attended Friday night services, where mom and her group lead the candle lighting.

Saturday was the big day and luckily the weather cooperated.

Alex and Brandon participated in the tallis service. She wore Brian's tallis (prayer shawl worn on Shabbat) during the service.

After the service, we had a beautiful party at the house with mom's friends and family.

We are all very proud of her hard work.
Great Job Mom!

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