Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taste of the Nation 2009

It is hard to believe it has been over a year since I volunteered for the Share our Strength Taste of the Nation event. This year Jen, Michelle and I were upgraded from garbage girls to ticket sales. Let me tell you, it was much nicer being in "front of the house" minus the rain that came pouring down mid-way through the event.

Although most of our time was suppose to be handing out passes, there were enough of us that we could enter the event by 6:45ish (plenty of time to make sure we got to taste almsot everything before they ran out).

This time around, my plan of attack was not well thought out. Since we only thought we had 15-20 min, we wanted to try as much as we could before heading back to our ticket table. It started off nicely with some BBQ ribs, corn dogs, deviled crab salad, peruvian potatoes and tuna tartare. Then I ate a belgian sugar waffle with bacon, brie and basil - yumm. This vendor (Bread and Ink Cafe) also had a dessert waffles with a coffee mousse. It was excellent but now I had moved from savory to sweet........my next mistake was eating a bland salmon-cucumber round and then pickled mackeral! All of things I enjoy seperately but when you are attempting to try everything in a short time span - not so good. I was finally able to get some water and some coffee before heading back to the table.

When we arrived back at the ticket tent - yikes...it was pouring!! There were rivers running through our stuff and into Michelle's purse.

After a little while, we were sent back inside to see if we could help out elsewhere. We took that as - "Go have fun!" At this point, I was over savory and still had many desserts to try. I was a little suprised to see how many cupcakes there were for the taking. We have two exclusively cupcake stores in town and then another restaurant did cupcakes too. Here is one of them, Saint Cupcake, with my favorite of the night - toasted coconut.

After some more wine, we definately felt we got our "money's worth"...even though we did not shell out the $75 ticket price. And thanks to the brilliant minds at Baker and Spice and their "take away bags", I was able to enjoy a rhubarb galette for breakfast this morning.

It was a good time again but next year I am going about this culinary experience very differently!!!

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