Saturday, March 30, 2013


We enjoyed a delightful day in the sun strolling around the lake. We mostly reveled in the fact that we survived the first year!!

Griffin is also very close to his first real words. It wasn't until we actually saw the ducks that he said something like "duh-h". He did the same thing a few days ago too when we saw two ducks on the path near our house. He does say "mamma-ma" and "dada-da".

Just one more day to enjoy our little guy being under 1. Yikes!

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S said...

Griffin Today is your BIRTHDAY!
Happy BIRTHDAY to ya! (Imagine Mick Jagger singing it)
Leigh and Matt: Remember what you were doing last April first??? I do, and we are so happy to have been there since his first day. Love you all...
Susan and Doug