Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Kitty!

We are so proud of this kitty today. He was sitting between Matt's legs for awhile before I gave Griffin to him. Everyone was hanging out. After awhile we hear this normal pitched "meow". It was so random and we had never heard it before, we both thought it was from the TV or something outside. The only meow Gandalf makes his a high pitched one when he needs food in his bowl. It turns out- it was Gandalf and the baby was squeezing his tail really tight! Gandalf didn't hiss, scratch, or even turn towards the baby. He was just informing us he was not thrilled with the situation. So we unlocked the "death hold" and gave the kitty a treat.

Griffin loves his kitty. And the kitty loves Griffin especially when he plays with his cat toy, which is very often.

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