Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finally time to announce it....

Yesterday at 13 weeks, we found out everything is going great with our BABY BOY!!!

Here are some ultrasound images we got from the doctors. We saw the OB and the Perinatologist (who we don't need to see again because everything is fine).

His foot - measured at 1.1 cm. Soo small.

In all his glory.

Close up from NT scan.

The family jewels :)

I am still waiting for this miraculous relief from morning sickness I keep hearing about. Hopefully soon!!!

I plan to put up some belly pics as they become more interesting. I am just barely starting to show this week.


Jennfactor 10 said...

That is Awesome! Congrats to you both (...and hope the nausea is over quickly)!!

Kennedy said...

Congratulations!!!! Hope the morning ickies go away soon!