Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Phone For Fish - txt to 30644

I just read about the greatest thing I have seen in a long time in Sunday's Parade. An easy way to make an eco-friendly decision about which fish to eat. There is a pocket guide you can carry but has anyone actually used it in a restaurant?

BUT now there is an even easier way to make a good decision about what fish to eat. All you have to do is text the word "fish" followed by "the name of the fish you are considering".

For example: Fish halibut. (Text to 30644)
(This is the response I got back within 10 sec- Pacific Halibut (Green) few enviornmental concerns, MSC certified sustainable; Atlanitc Halibut (RED) significant environmental concerns.) Now I can ask my waiter (if it isn't already clear) where the halibut came from. If Pacific Ocean - we're good, if Atlantic - i'll find something else.

This service is provided by the Blue Ocean Insitute. Unfortunately I could not find anything about this service on their website but it does provide really good information about the fish (both normal seafood and sushi grade).

To this note, a local sushi restaurant, Bamboo Sushi, has gone 100% sustainable. They only serve sustainable fish so this service would be moot when visiting their restaurant. Here is a recent article about the restaurant from The Oregonian

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