Thursday, September 25, 2008

A trip to Yachats and the central Oregon coast

This was our first time visiting the Oregon coast together since we moved here. We stayed in Yachats, a little town on the central coast a world away from the gaudy touristy areas found in other parts of the coast. And yes as you will see in the photos, we brought Lavi with us. It is interesting to see how many hotels allow dogs in the rooms. Plus most of the parks allow dogs in at least on leash.

When we first arrived in the afternoon is was fogged over, as you will come to expect a good part of the time at the coast. Here is Matt and Lavi outside our room by the cliffs and walking along the path back to our hotel

We woke up to a clear sunny sky the next day. Here we are with our coffee.

We then took a ride down the coast to Florence, stopping along the way to see Haceta Head lighthouse (will upload Matt's photos later) and to see the sea lion caves. Unfortunately the sea lions were not in the cave at the time so we did not spend the $20 to go down there but we did see some Stellers sea lions on the rocks at another point. On the way back we stopped at Cape Perpetua (the highest point along the Oregon Coast, 803 ft). Here is Matt with the south coast behind him, you can see how nice the weather was.

We also went to visit the giant spruce in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. It has a diameter of over 10 feet!!

Here is our "fox dog" on the giant spruce. She loves jumping on things now that we have started agility class again.

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