Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Jersey in August

Here are some pics from our "annual" August visit to NJ. We decided we are not going back east in August again!! It takes a lot to get use to that humidity. We'd much rather go in the cold and snow when we can at least go see a NJ Devils game.

We took Alex to Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk for his birthday. We played a little Skee ball

...a little mini golf

...made friends with a pirate wench

...and played a little more mini golf

Matt was the overall winner and I was the overall loser...and he wonders why we never played mini golf before! That is why we stick to bowling on the Wii!

We also spent time with my other nephew Brandon.

But what we will remember most of all is our new Rock Band "The Butt Monkeys"...coming to a Wii near you.

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